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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shabby Chic Half Moon Side Table

 This is such a cute table re-do I just had to share it with you guys. I found this table at a garage sale it was very unstable the legs were so wobbly it was amazing it could still stand. The top was scratched up and had water ring damage. But the legs are so cute and the half moon shape reminded me of a table that we had growing up. I had never had to do such extensive work before usually just a little tightening of screws and a squirt of glue. Sometimes you have to take that first plunge and jump right in! Besides my Dad has bar
clamps and I'm spending my summer at their lake home. Yippee for me.  As seems to be my habit I forgot to take a proper before picture these before's are after I painted a single coat on the legs but you get the gist.

I cleaned it up and then glued using Elmers wood glue and clamped all the legs and support arms. I also used a product call Wood Swell that actually causes the wood to expand making loose joints tight again. Then let that sit overnight.I am very pleased to announce that this table is once a sturdy. I decided on two shades of a creamy pistachio green custom mixed chalk paint would be a lovely choice, the top is a lighter shade of the same pistachio used on the legs. After two coats of paint this table was ready for a thorough hand sanded to smooth the paint and distress the lines. I then applied two coats of clear paste wax to the entire table and an extra coat to the table top for extra protection. I love the silky smoothness and design of this table. She is a beauty and would make a welcome addition to any home. Measuring 24"x12"x24" tall. Recycled, Upcycled, Repurposed....Simply Lovely ~ Tre' Chic Designs.

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