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Friday, June 8, 2012

Grandma Table is Shabby Chic Now!

Live action before and after happening right here right now. I recently acquired 2 very interesting pieces. A vintage end table and this extremely interesting clock. So I thought I would share their transformation with you guys while it happens. So here's the table and as per usual I forgot the "real" before. When I realized oops I forgot pic's I ran to the garbage and pulled that contact paper back out and smoothed it on to the table. LOL! But seriously who puts contact paper on their table? Crazy! Also this table was filthy. I had to scrub the crevices with a tooth brush. So it's now all clean and ready for some paint.
I choose a Spring Green color chalk paint. As usual I'm always looking for your feedback. Please comment with your thoughts and share your ideas. What projects are you working on?

                                                   Are you reading for the final results???

Ok I'm pretty excited I tried 2 new techniques with this table. First I mixed a little of the original paint and a couple drops of black paint in with my clear paste wax. The color turned out like old guacamole that needs to be tossed LOL. Gross right, but it's been in all our fridges at some point. Any how, I applied the 1st coat of dark wax the normal way wax on, wax off. (remember dark was after coat of clear wax) With the 2nd coat I applied it in long strokes that accentuated brush strokes. And holy crap did it look so very cool, I mean really I was so impressed. I am so totally going to be doing this again.


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  1. Oooo, replace the clock with a mirror. I wish I was crafty like that!

  2. Mel I moved the clock over to it's own page just thought I would put it out there so peeps weren't scratching their heads thinking what is Mel talking about. FYI mirror seems to be the consensus over on the page

  3. This table was sold on Etsy as of June 16th! Thank you!