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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Heads Up Horatio Hornblower An Original Shabby Chic Idea

I literally dream of idea's, I dream of solutions to problems, and sometimes I dream of how to re-arrange my furniture. If you ask my family something I do all too often. Sometimes these dreams just randomly pop up, love it when that happens, but mostly as I'm laying down mentally going through my day and planning my tomorrow I'll start thinking about say a problem with my current furniture situation. Something like how can I get that desk out of my dining room and into my living room. And in the morning my brain will reward me with an answer. Sometimes it works and sometimes in my dreams my home is just bigger than in real life. A few weeks ago I started prompting myself to come up with an original project for my Etsy Shop. I like to think of all the projects I have done as original and they are because they were done by hand. But they have been inspired by others works. Admit it we all do we search the inter-web looking for ideas, inspiration, and the coveted tutorial! This time I wanted to really push myself creatively to come up with something new, something I haven't come across in any Google search. And this is what I dreamt, I dreamt of candy colored brass instruments. Yup, its weird isn't it, but I went with it. I started searching for used instruments working or non, I looked up names of these instruments. I was never in band what do I know. Finally I came across a lovely little Cornet. With tight little curves and a nice compact size, PERFECT! And according to my husband play pretty well too. My original thought was to use spray paint, but lately I'm just not loving it. I sure that has everything to do with the fact that I am in love love love with chalk paint right now. So there the horn sat. The thought of spraying it was like blah! The thought of hand painting, sanding and waxing all those curves was like YIKES no! And it sat. I had ideas of using a paint sprayer for the chalk paint and believe me that thought is still floating around my brain, but that's just not cost effective for me and I haven't really heard good things about the sprayers in my price range. Ahhh but a girl can dream and I do dream of sprays and spraying chalk paint happiness....maybe some day. Finally I told myself quit being a lazy coupled with the fact that my children tried to play the cornet everyday, that sucker needed out of the house and into the studio (aka garage).
 I started out with an 1 inch paint brush for the first coat but really found it to be to big for the tight spots and unable to really hit those curves well. I switched over to a much smaller artist brush and while it took more time it really did improve the coverage. So armed with my little brush I set about getting that pretty turquoise on that horn.  After 2 coats of paint I went on the waxing, which I must say was tricking. Did I mention all the twists, turns and curves? How about those tight spots? Did I mention those? Sometimes my dreams just make things seem easier after all it's a dream :) As odd as it was to dream of horn painting and the amount of eyebrows raised in my direction as I tried to explain what I was planning to do, I have to say this HORN is so stinking adorable. Check out the pic's and let me know what you think? If I find more horns what colors would you like to see? And as always share your ideas. I look forward to reading the comments.

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