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Friday, May 25, 2012

How This Creative Journey Began

And So It Begins

It all started in the summer of 2011. My sisters and I had to close our hair salon of 13 years in March after some sadness the 3 of us agreed this was the right move for us. Both my sisters have their cosmetology license where as I always handled the book keeping and front lobby management. Looking back I must admit I despised the book keeping but loved redoing the lobby and the salon for the seasons. Rearranging the shelving and rotating the stock to the most eye pleasing ways. You would've thought that after 13 years I might have caught a clue that I needed to do something creative. At first I was able to work for our local school district, and I did find that fulfilling but I also knew it wasn't a guaranteed job and who knows what would happen come that fall. Not to brag but I am very fortunate that years ago my grandparents had the foresight to purchase lake front property in what we in Michigan vaguely refer to as "Up North" and that my parents were able to build their wonderful retirement home on said property. I was able to pack up my children and abandon my hardworking husband and spend my entire summer Up North! Now now don't be a hater I know just how lucky I am to have access to this wonderful place.
View of our lake
Parents decided it was time to screen in the old back porch, put on a metal roof and paint the large front deck. So if you were north you were at work, contributing some sweat equity time to earn your keep. I'm not even going to pretend that I jumped right in with gusto. I had dreamed of all the books is read basking in the sun like a turtle lolling around in the water. Best laid plans oh well time to get dirty.
Back porch all screen in.
With the help of my folks live in builder Ray, yup you read that right lol, Dad and Ray set off making screens. A little explanation of Ray, he an amazing jack of all trades. A neighbor hired him for some work and he too fell in love with the lake. He started seeking out work up there staying where he was working. And frankly, his work speaks for itself. He can do the work on his own but if you help and he can stay at your place he gives a great discount. Hence, Ray our live in builder. After a while I liken Ray to a reality TV camera at first you're on your best behavior but soon enough that's just too taxing to keep up and you end up fighting or farting in front of him and it's all good. It was Mom and my job to prime and paint and repeat. My Mom's paint style is quite slap dash and ruin a brush. I discovered I am quite fussy wanting to sand between coats and crazy OCD about chalking. It lead to some funny hi-jinx before Ray was like um kiddo it's a screen relax. It was during this time Mom set out two rockers on the porch. One was shiny black with golden acorns painted on it honestly YUCK! The other a handsome leather seat rocker. I was like I think I can shabby chic that black one. Go for it was the response! But that of course is for another post ;)

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